About Me

Leslie Hetherington head and shoulders photoI’m an award-winning, digital content and communications strategist, who learns quickly and adapts to varied challenges to deliver results. I’ve worked in B2B and B2C for multiple sectors — in agencies, in-house and independently.  (I’m also somewhat eclectic, with a first career as a graphic designer and experience as a course designer and trainer, technical writer and even a bird trainer/performer.)

After 20 years of experience in PR/MarCom, I took a post-grad interactive media management program to build on it. I currently do content and strategic communications projects through my own consultancy LASH Communications Group.

The premise I live by is to start with an ethical goal and deliver impactful results, without compromising integrity or creating bad karma.  And while honest profits are ethical, my “ideal” clients have triple-line mandates or strive to go beyond fiscal return (from synthetic-free dog food that owners can trust to accessible health care for all).

I support varied causes to make the world better and am in awe of the passionate international development students I taught for several years as an adjunct professor at Humber College’s Business School. I believe in lifelong learning and am an advocate of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC). I was president of its Toronto chapter in 2008/09 and continue to volunteer. Currently, I’m a member of Durham College’s Public Relations Program Advisory Committee.

In my off hours, I enjoy theatre, rollerblading, yoga, reading, entertaining, painting, jewellery making and eclectic crafts.  I’ve also done comedy writing and stand-up.

This blog covers my professional and personal pursuits, discoveries and observations on working hard to create beneficial impact — and where possible change attitudes, raise awareness or promote actions that do good.

To learn more about me and my digital work, check my Portfolio

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